Sales ERP

As a result, businesses around the world are working hard to improve their sales. Today's businesses are all implementing new sales methodologies in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Sales operations in companies are increasingly being managed with the help of high-quality tools and operational software. Additionally, various models of sales terminology and various sales methodologies are used by organisations to put their company first in front of the customers.

Today, you have a wide variety of sales management software options to choose from, all of which provide excellent operational tools and management functions for your business. The Odoo ERP solution offers a dedicated sales management module that assists you in prioritising your sales activities and stands out as an exceptional management tool among the other available options. Any business can benefit from having such a tool, as it can increase sales efficiency and consistency while also simplifying the sales process.

Send Digital Quotations

Use templates

Send quotation online

Generate sales orders


Quotations That Are Detailed & Well-written

Templates for quotations can be customised to meet your specific requirements & saved for future use. They are available as defaults & can be used directly or modified.

Advanced Options Allow You To Do Even More

Use the sales module's advanced settings to exp& the scope of your business operations.

Define discounts & price lists

Proforma invoicing

Down payment configuration

Warnings & alerts for sales

Integrate delivery methods & shipping connectors

Product-specific emails

Why Is Odoo The Best For Sales Management?

The advanced operational features of the Odoo project management module help your company's operations and project management run smoothly.

Successful Sales Management

The Odoo sales module will assist you in effectively managing your business's sales operations.

  • Great user interface
  • Low data entry
  • Sell using mobile gadgets
Simplify communications

A company's ability to communicate effectively, both internally & externally, is critical to its success.

  • Plan activities
  • Send email & alerts
  • Log notes & integrated messaging tool
Prioritize sales

Create sales orders based on the quotations sent in the instance.

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of product & service..
  • Instantly generate orders for goods & services
  • Directly create & send invoices
Prioritize your products

Set up a system that will increase sales & attract new customers to your business.

  • Promotion programs
  • Personalised coupon programs
  • Applicable in retail POS sales & e-commerce
Exceptional quotations

Direct sales quotations can be sent.

  • Quotations via emails
  • Build quotations
  • Use custom quotation templates
  • A dedicated quotations window
  • Online signature
Dashboard with multiple modes

Sales module windows can be viewed in multiple forms.

  • Kanban view
  • List view
  • Pivot view
  • Graph view
  • Calendar view
  • Activity view
Advanced reporting

When it comes to analysing the company's sales operations, Odoo's sales management module has the same reporting capabilities as all other

  • Dashboard, Pivot, as well as Graph views
  • Custom & default filtering options

Convergence With Advanced Modules Of Odoo

The modular structure of the Odoo platform is one of its best features, as it provides you with dedicated modules for the company's business management operations.

Why Us?

It is well known that Odoo ERP is a customizable platform that can be defined & developed to meet your operational requirements. Depending on your needs, you can customise the sales operations of your company, & the module will work accordingly. Based on your needs, we can create a platform tailored to your specific business.


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