All-in-one hotel management software

The restaurant management system can make a significant difference in the operation of your foodservice and hospitality business. You will have complete control over Odoo. Odoo's dedicated Point of Sale module will assist in managing the operations of food service for customers. Odoo can be the solution provider for managing your hotel business, in addition to all of the other integrated modules for managing the hospitality aspects of the business.

Hotel Management

Sales Management

Student Attendance

Inventory Management

Website and e-commerce

Customer Relationship Management

Human Resource Management

Finance Management

POS Module

Hospitality management

Handle room reservation

Efficient website for booking

Room reservations

Managing housekeeping

Generate real-time reports

Control your employee operations effectively

The Odoo platform's dedicated modules will help with employee operational management, like recruitment and payroll management.

Online and offline recruitment

Vacation management

Create employee contracts

Manage schedules and shifts

Allocation of job positions

Tool for appraisal

Establish salary structure

Payroll management

Manage attendance and time off

Stock Management

Handle the stock of food ingredients needed for dish preparation as well as the toiletries for the rooms. Maintain inventory of cleaning supplies and hospitality equipment.

Allocate lot and serial numbers

Procure a product from different sources

Depict expiry date to monitor products

Storage locations

Monitor the quality

Account for all of your sales and purchases

All financial aspects of your hotel operations can be managed through the Odoo platform's dedicated accounting module.

Invoice directly

Handle vendor bills and payments

Manage multiple currencies

Analytical reports

Link various payment terminals

Establish payment terminologies

Customer Relationship Management

For any hotel business, it's critical to keep customers happy and move them along the sales funnel, and Odoo's CRM model does just that.

Leads from visitors to website

Email leads

Lead enrichment

Lead generation

Lead customisation

Follow-up of lead

Lead management

Check customer satisfaction

Generate reports


How can we be helpful?

For many years, we have provided hotel management solutions. As a result, we have created a well-defined and explicit hotel management system in Odoo and are fully aware of the various constraints in it for custom software development as per your needs. We can make any modification or configuration to the Odoo platform to allow you to run your hotel business according to your operational needs.


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