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Manufacturing, a form of commodity production that dates back to the Ice Ages, has evolved into what we now know as the production aspect that involves automation. The tools for production management should be able to work with a variety of constraints and operational control centers.

Manufacturing is more than just production.

Odoo has a well-defined manufacturing management module that gives you complete control and 360-degree visibility of the various stages of the manufacturing process. Odoo has dedicated operational tools that will aid in the planning and execution of the production process, running quality checks, and shipping to warehouses and customers.


Quality Control


Inventory and Warehouse Management

Human Resource Management

Finance Management


Interface modernization

Integrated with automation

Production schedule

Full control and visibility

Specific infrastructure


Tools to engineer and plan

Module to manage manufacturing

The manufacturing module will serve as your facility's command centre for all production activities.

Plan your manufacturing processes.

Outline work centres

Initiate work orders

Create a bill of materials and assign products and product categories

Routing of products and raw materials

Panels for process control

Overall equipment effectiveness management

Set up the master schedule for production

Take care of subcontracting in a concise manner

Produce and manage by-products in an efficient manner

Assign lead times for manufacturing

Product Life Cycle (PLM) Management

You will have complete control over the planning and production aspects thanks to a dedicated product lifecycle management system.

Controlling Change Orders

Managing types of change orders

Bill management for materials

Change order approvals

Full maintenance management

In order to perform maintenance on both production equipment and company devices, you can use the dedicated maintenance module.

A well-defined dashboard for maintenance

Create specialised maintenance teams

Use the calendar view to generate maintenance requests

Establish distinct work areas by defining equipment

Reports on maintenance requests

Quality Control

A well-defined quality control management module will give you full operational control over quality management operations.

A clear overview of quality

Make your own quality control teams

Establish quality control points

Assign quality assurance checks

Create quality alerts automatically

Effective inventory management

In order to control the manufacturing process, you must first control your raw materials. The finished products should be stored in a specific warehouse location.

Handle a large number of warehouses at once.

Allocate minimum and maximum stock levels for each product.

Scan barcodes for efficient business operations

Stock estimation

Establish product expiration dates.

Specify lots and serial numbers for products

Scrapping and product movement

Inventory adjustment software

Automated valuation of inventory

Sell your products quickly and easily

Odoo supports a variety of sales channels, including retail, eCommerce, and wholesale sales of your manufactured goods.

Pre-designed templates for quotations

Emailing quotations

Generate sales orders for customers

Create payment methodologies

Specify coupons and promotional offers

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Why pick us?

Odoo is a platform that can be flexed to suit your business operations. You will be able to define your production operations well with the help of dedicated Odoo developers and experts. This is where we come in with the necessary expertise to implement Odoo for production companies all over the world.

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