Boost Sales With A Customer-focused CRM.

In today's market, where companies are constantly experimenting with new marketing strategies and promotions in an effort to attract more customers, customer relationship management has become an essential component of any business. Businesses can benefit from customer relationship management (CRM) tools that make it easier for their executives to focus on finding new sources of business opportunities. As a result, these customer relationship management tools have become an integral part of many businesses, where the majority of their business opportunities are derived from. You can easily manage your company's customer relationship operations with Odoo CRM, a dedicated management module.


Striking CRM Dashboard

For operational readiness, the use of visual & configuration tools...

  • Kanban, lists, graphs, activities, pivots, & more are all available for viewing.
  • Custom stages on leads
  • Scheduling activities in real-time

Real Time Overview

CRM reporting provides a comprehensive picture of operations.

Detailed reports on pipelines, prospects, & activity

Options for custom & default filtering

Insightful & visually appealing reports


Activity Scheduler

The scheduling tool will allow you to plan activities for leads.

  • Set up appointments, phone calls, emails, & a slew of other communication methods.
  • The calendar view of upcoming events

What Identifies Odoo CRM As The Best In Business?

Odoo CRM is the best & most intuitive tool for operations because of the dedicated infrastructure & operational capabilities that the CRM module brings into the business operations.

Obtain Leads From A Number Of Sources.

You can increase your business opportunities by being able to generate leads from a variety of sources.

Lead generation from websites & e-commerce platforms

Make use of incoming emails to generate leads.

Marketing campaigns & promotional programs that generate leads

Sophisticated Functional Tools On Lead

Tools for the management of leads & added advantages for opportunity generation.

Lead mining

Lead enrichment


Lead generation

Follow-up on leads where activities can be scheduled

Lead importing

Personalized Pipeline Operations

The CRM module's pipeline can be carefully taailored to your customer relationship management operations.

Make your own stages for the leads

An illustration of scheduled activities

Each lead has an activity scheduling option

Follow-up on opportunities

An example of planned activities

A complete picture of all CRM operations

A Specialised Sales Management Window

Odoo CRM has a dedicated menu on the dashboard to describe sales operations related to CRM activities.

A better screen view of the opportunities

Address & information window for customers

CRM-enabled mobile sales operations

CRM operations should be managed based on sales teams

Effective Communication To Stay In Touch
With Customers

Communication is an essential component of lead generation & opportunity generation in business operations.

Email templates

Customer alerts

Modules for live chat & discussion

Chat logs are kept under each quotation

Analytical Reports

Odoo platform allows you to generate advanced analytics & quantitative reports on customer relationship management operations.

Filtering options that are both default & customizable

Illustrative reports

Create reports on leads, pipeline operations, activities, & collaborations


How Can We Help You?

In order to provide you with a customised Odoo platform that meets your specific business needs, you'll need a dedicated Odoo service provider like us. With the help of our team of developers, we can tailor the Odoo CRM module to meet your company's needs.


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