Odoo Customization

Business applications must be tailored to individual users. With customization, an application can be tailored to each individual user by taking into account their preferences and needs. Odoo offers a complete solution to satisfy company needs, but customers usually have special requests. Wan Buffer Services evaluates your requirements to see what else may be necessary, and then designs a plan to implement those features. Our slightly elevated customisation services help customers maximise the value of their application and progress toward their organisational objectives. Expanding on Odoo's modularization, our tech support staff will help you meet your specific requirements.

Step 1. Requirement Gathering

We are going to set up a meeting for you and our technical team so that we can get more information about your requirements and demands.

Step 2. Scope Analysis

We perform a gap analysis between the functionalities that are currently available in Odoo and the needs that you have outlined.

Step 3. Feasibility Study

An investigation into whether or not it is possible to make the suggested changes in Odoo without lowering its performance or removing any of the features that come standard with the platform; this will be the focus of the investigation.

Step 4. Estimation

You will be provided with an estimate of the total cost, the length of time it will take, and the implementation.

Step 5. Customer Approval

To move forward, we await your approval before doing so.

Step 6. Development

The development of the platform will take place in accordance with the demands and specifications, as well as the standards.

Step 7. Testing

In order to determine the level of reliability, we will perform multiple integrated tests in addition to unit testing.

Step 8. Delivery

You will receive the modules after they have been finished, tested, and evaluated.

Why Experts need to do it?


Expert Partner

Reasonably priced methods

Takes into account all variables and does not alter settings that are already in place.

comprehensive understanding of both technical and functional aspects

Strict adherence to established norms and protocols

Superior dependability and adherence to coding conventions

Facilitation of routine maintenance

Consistent efficiency is maintained all through operation.


Non-Expert Partner

Poor quality, low-cost options

Does not take all arguments into account and could cause default functionality to fail.

Will not have a deep familiarity with the platform's inner workings and technological features.

Possible detour from the normative course of development

Weaken the requirements for writing code.

Challenges with routine upkeep

Perhaps a sign of long-term performance problems.

Why Wan Buffer Services?

Finding the source of the technical issue is something our staff can help with.

  • Stringent rules for writing code
  • Odoo's potential is explored in more than 50 blogs.
  • Skilled in using any and all Odoo releases
  • Outstanding final products
  • Experience Level: 4+ Years
  • Across a hundred happy clients all over the world
  • Compatibility with all Odoo modules, both technically and functionally
  • Service available in business and public versions.
  • Odoo apps have contributed over 20 free modules.
  • Developers who specialize in user interface and user experience
  • Creator of the Open Human Resource Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Wan Buffer Services for Odoo Customization?

We offer complete customisation services for Odoo, the company management software you need to run and organise your operations. It is necessary to perform rudimentary business analysis in order to grasp the intricacies of business processes and needs. All the way from installing Odoo to implementing specialised modules and providing after-the-fact support, Wan Buffer Services has you covered.

Why I choose Wan Buffer Services over freelancers for Odoo customization?

Since Wan Buffer Services is an approved Odoo partner, you may trust them more. Odoo Consultancy, Odoo installation, Odoo customization, and Odoo training are all areas in which we excel. Enterprise Edition source code access for authorised signatories expedites problem response.

To what extent do Wan Buffer Services' adaptability options help you achieve your organization's objectives?

It's beneficial in the short and long term. It gives you access to the features your company needs to thrive. At the same time that it implements the customization, it considers the needs of the business and the processes within it. We guarantee that the alterations will work perfectly for your company.

In comparison to independent contractors, why do odoo partners have greater pricing?

Because they provide reliable, long-term support, Odoo partners command a higher hourly rate than independent contractors. Because of their expertise and certification in Odoo, partners command a higher rate. Odoo Partners' costs are modest in light of the company's projected longevity.

What are the steps to customize an Odoo module?

Requirement Analysis in business involves the current study of business workflows, understanding the current pitfalls limiting the business returns and efficiency. Gap Analysis is bridging the gap between current inefficiencies and enhancing future efficiencies. Cybrosys customize modules as per need.


Odoo Support

Odoo Support is a central point of contact to talk to any time you have a business question. The customer support teams are available 24/7 - we are here to help you whenever and wherever, take a look at our customer service page.

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