Odoo POS: A one-stop-shop for retail management

The Point of Sales module in Odoo allows you to manage your company's retail sales operations. The dedicated dashboard that supports retail sales operations at the retail shop's sale counter makes it simple to perform all of these tasks. The Odoo platform allows you to run multiple retail shops, all of which will be integrated under one roof, giving you total command and visibility over your business's retail operations.

Odoo Retail Sales Management

POS Module

Purchase Management

Inventory Stock Management

Finance and Accounts Management

Sales Management

Clearly defined POS dashboard

Using Odoo's point of sale (POS) module, you'll be able to run the entire retail sales management process from start to finish.

Run a number of instances at the same time

Management of the cash register

Cashier login

Scanners for barcodes

Virtual keyboards

Loyalty schemes

Payment terminals that are integrated

Cash and card payments

Linked to the sales management module

Direct invoicing

Integrated Sales Management

Using a dedicated sales management module, which is integrated into operations with the point of sale system, you can run your sales management operations.

A specialised sales order management system

Include or omit taxes in the calculation

Direct evaluation of stock

Produce analytically defined sales report

Establish reward programs

Run coupons and promotional offers

Define many pricelists

Product Procurement Management

Odoo's purchase module is a powerful and advanced tool you can use to buy products.

Multiple sellers of a single product

Submit requests for quotations

Create purchase quotations

Handle vendor bills

Define product categories and product variations

Write up and send out purchase agreements

Generate tender request

Work with multiple purchase agreements

Complete inventory and stock Management

Odoo has a dedicated inventory management module that you can use to keep track of your product stock.

Specific and clearly-defined dashboard

Valuation of inventory

Total command through the use of cutting-edge tools

Forecasting tools for stocks

Identification of products by their serial and lot numbers

Generating specialised reports

Specify stock expiration dates

Real-time reports of stock reports

Complete financial Management

Use an accounting management module that is well-defined and capable to run the financial operations of the retail store.

Specify local tax rates

Set financial positions

Analytical accounting

Accept payments in different currencies

Create numerous accounting charts

Set payment terms and conditions

Smooth ledger management

Integration with many payment gateways


Why should you choose us to help you set up Odoo?

Different stores have different ways of running their retail sales operations, so a dedicated tool for managing retail stores won't be enough. You will need tailor-made solutions like Odoo. Management quality and effectiveness depends on how well the implementation partner or service provider can make changes. This is where we come in as a dedicated Odoo partner with many years of experience with Odoo.


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