Streamline your service company.

The service industry is constantly expanding, and the operational constraints change on a daily basis. The need for dedicated management solutions for service industry operations is unavoidable. The Odoo ERP promotes effective service industry management through the dedicated configuration of the platform to meet the demands of service industry operation with expert partners.

Service Management

Accounting and finance management

Inventory and warehouse management


Sales and purchase management

Human resources operation

Project management

Projects and planning

Integrated project management, in conjunction with planning tools, enables you to efficiently plan and execute the operations of your service provider company.

Establish projects for operations

Creation of tasks and subtasks under a project

Effective task management

Planning of the operations

Forecast project

Allocate employee

Accounting and invoicing

Odoo's accounting module will help your service industry's financial management by bringing in dedicated tools and functions.

Set local taxes

Create rules for accounting

Payment from multiple sources

Set charts of accounts

Create financial positions and financial years

Quick invoice generation

Set payment terminologies

Sales management

Manage sales operations with tools available in the Odoo platform's sales management module.

Functional tools in real-time

Create sales quotations

Send sales orders

Link servicing charges and timesheets

Bill customers based on services

Purchase and inventory management

Dedicated purchasing and inventory management will handle product procurement as well as warehouse management of stocks.

Sending request for quotation

Create purchase orders

Manage many vendors

3-way bill matching upon purchase

Set product locations and warehouses

Set lot and serial numbers for products

Allocate product expiry dates

Field services management

Odoo's dedicated field service management tool will assist you in managing your field operations in the service industry.

Plan on-site tasks

Create tasks to be done

Link to Google Maps

Create invoices based on intervention

Generate invoice based on timesheets

Sale of products in the field


Why should you choose us?

Only experts, professionals, and developers with extensive experience can create an excellent service management solution. When it comes to providing outstanding service management solutions, we only hire the best of the best in the industry.

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