Improve The Efficiency Of Your Business Operations.

Odoo has a dedicated inventory module to help you manage your warehouses more effectively.

In order to ensure the reliability of your inventory & warehouse management operations, Odoo provides full-fledged inventory & warehouse management.

The Key To Success Is Using Automation.

Odoo is a firm believer in automation, & its inventory module is no exception.

The reordering rules can be configured to automatically generate orders, or you can set a range of several units to be available to stop the orders from being generated.

Managing multiple warehouses

Defining product moves

Full visibility


Total Traceability

Trace & monitor the product through both internal & external processes.

With the option to define serial & lot numbers for the products, you will have complete traceability of the product movements to aid your company's inventory management.


Devoted & Comprehensive Reporting

Odoo's inventory management includes one of its most advanced features, report generation.

The report generation feature of inventory management will assist you in generating real-time reports that provide quantitative analysis of all inventory-related operations.


The Odoo warehouse management system is equipped with advanced features & capabilities for inventory management operations that are both effective & efficient.

Rapid & dependable system

The Odoo inventory module's key features include quick operational control & reliability for effective management.

  • User interface modernization
  • 2 entry accounting for the movement of products
  • Adaptability in operations
Advanced strategies

The advanced operational tools that Odoo brings to warehouse management effectively are one of the main features of Odoo

  • Adjustments to the inventory
  • Valuation of inventory
  • Forecasting inventory
Automatic replenishment of product stocks

Management operations can be automated using the Odoo platform's dedicated automation tools.

  • Set the value of the minimum & maximum stock
  • Generate work orders automatically
  • Generate purchase orders automatically
  • Product packages
  • Batch picking
  • Reservations
  • Rules on reordering
  • Categories & attributes of the product
  • Measurement units
  • Inter transfer
  • Scrap management
  • Email management
  • SMS messages
  • Expiration dates
  • Multi-step procedures
  • L&ed costs
  • Lead time on sales & purchase
Customised product shipping

Product movement within & outside the warehouse can be mapped out using custom routing operations defined by the user.

  • Drop-shipping
  • Cross-docking
  • Put-away rules
  • 3-way matching
  • Defining product routes
Tools for productivity

Your inventory management in Odoo will benefit from the numerous productivity-enhancing features & tools available.

  • Scanning & integration of barcodes
  • Alerts & warnings tailored to your needs
  • Tools for smart scheduling

Odoo Support

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