Makar Sankranti is a festival that is celebrated across India with great enthusiasm and joy. It marks the beginning of the harvest season and is a time of thanksgiving and celebration. This year, our Wanbuffer team celebrated Makar Sankranti in a unique and exciting way, with a focus on team building and fun activities.

The evening began with a special snack that was arranged by our HR department. It was delicious, and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.


After the snack, we moved to the terrace for a team-building activity called the caterpillar race. In this activity, we divided ourselves into teams of five and had to work together to move forward while holding on to each other's waists. It was a fun and challenging activity that required coordination and teamwork, and everyone had a great time.

The caterpillar race was followed by other fun activities, including kite flying and traditional folk dances. We flew kites in the colors of the Indian flag, and the sky was filled with the beautiful sight of kites soaring high. We also danced to traditional music and celebrated the festival in true spirit.


The highlight of the day was the caterpillar race, which brought out the best in everyone. We all worked together to complete the race, and the winning team was congratulated with cheers and applause. It was a great way to bond as a team and build relationships with each other.

Overall, the Makar Sankranti celebrations at Wanbuffer were a great success, and everyone had a great time. The focus on team building and fun activities was a great way to celebrate the festival, and it brought us all together as a team.