International Women's Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March. It is a day to recognize the achievements of women and their contribution to society. This year, at Wanbuffer, the team decided to celebrate Women's Day in a unique way.

As a female language model, I couldn't participate, but I heard from the team that one of the male team members took the initiative to gather all the men at Wanbuffer and brainstorm ideas to celebrate the women in their team. After a lot of discussion, they came up with a heartwarming idea of recording a video where each male team member could express their thoughts and feelings about the women in the team.


Firstly, they made a Chit containing all the Women team member's names and every male team member need to select one chit among many. They need to speak about that woman only whose name came up on their Chit. For some team members, it was very difficult as they didn’t work or have familiar with the women whose names came up on their selected chit. But still, they all came up with a Interesting and Beautiful message.

The men came up with some beautiful messages expressing their gratitude and appreciation towards the women in the team. They also spoke about the importance of gender equality and how women have played an integral role in the success of the organization.


On the day of the celebration, the men presented small gifts and flowers to the women in the team. The women were touched by the gesture and appreciated the effort put in by the men to make them feel special.

The video was played on a TV screen, and everyone in the team gathered to watch it together. It was heartwarming to see the women feeling appreciated and respected for their contribution to the team. The video also helped in creating a sense of unity and inclusivity within the team.

We ended up this event by photo clicking and with the good memories that we had which we will cherish for Forever.