Information Security Policy at Wan Buffer Services

At, we take information security very seriously. Our Information Security Policy aims to provide guidelines and procedures for the secure handling of sensitive data in our company. Our policy applies to all employees, contractors, and third-party service providers who have access to our data systems.

Policy Statement

Wan Buffer is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our sensitive information. We will maintain appropriate measures to protect our data from unauthorized access, misuse, theft, and destruction. Our security measures will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards.

Information Classification

All data and information processed, stored or transmitted by Wan Buffer shall be classified based on its sensitivity and criticality, and shall be handled accordingly. The following classification levels will apply:

  • Public: Information that is intended for public dissemination and can be disclosed without any restrictions.
  • Internal: Information intended for internal use only, not to be shared outside of Wan Buffer.
  • Make the handling of personal data transparent and equitable.
  • Confidential: Information that is highly sensitive, and requires the highest level of protection, and access to this information must be limited to those with a legitimate business need.
Data Protection

Wan Buffer will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the personal information of our customers, employees, and suppliers is protected. This includes:

  • Using encryption to protect sensitive information during transmission and storage.
  • Implementing access controls to prevent unauthorized access to our data systems.
  • Conducting regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to identify and address security weaknesses.
  • Maintaining backups of critical data to ensure data availability and integrity.
Data Retention

Wan Buffer will retain data only for as long as necessary to fulfill business purposes or comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Upon the expiration of the retention period, the data will be securely deleted or destroyed.

Incident Management

Wan Buffer has established an incident management process to detect, analyze, and respond to security incidents. In the event of a security breach, Wan Buffer will take immediate action to contain the incident, investigate its cause, and implement remediation measures to prevent recurrence.

Policy Review and Audit

Wan Buffer's Information Security Policy will be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary to reflect changes in business needs and the evolving threat landscape. Internal and external audits will be conducted periodically to evaluate our compliance with the policy and identify areas for improvement. is committed to providing a secure environment for our employees, customers, and partners. Our Information Security Policy provides a framework for achieving this objective and ensures that we comply with all applicable regulations and industry standards.